Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Through the generations...

My mom was always one of those that saved everything her kids did. Throughout my childhood I was always going up into our attic to look through the things I had done in previous years. I didn't have much from when I was a baby but once we got into school she saved everything. One of the most special things she saved were some of my dresses from my preschool days. I have always been very girly and enjoyed dressing up from an early age. Now MY daughter is very similar...she loves clothes and shoes, shopping with mom, and wearing pretty things. We've even had our first argument over shoes as she wanted heels and I wasn't going to buy them! What fun that was in the middle of Target! I have many precious things that I've been able to pass down to her but this dress is the most special...

Brooklynn is the 3rd generation to wear this dress. My mother wore it as a toddler and she saved it for me. I wore it and saved it for my future daughter. Now she has the privilege of wearing it. It was so neat to see her wear that. I hope she will save it for her daughter, should God give her that gift. It is special to have special things to pass on. Not to mention...she looks so precious!!

Fourth of July

The fourth of July is quite a big occasion in the Dorrance home. I have always enjoyed the 4th - the cookouts, parties, yard games, and fireworks are some of my favorite summer activities. Dylan has followed in his mommy's footsteps as he loves it just as much. We have been taking him since he was one, and he has loved it ever since!
This year we spent the 4th doing a cookout with my parents - hamburgers, pasta salad, fruit salad, corn on the cob, and peanut butter pie for dessert! Mmmmm! To our disappointment it rained all afternoon but that didn't kill our spirit! We drove to Woodland Park to give their fireworks a try but they were canceled due to the rain. Dylan sobbed - you would've thought we had ruined his life! So we ate a late dinner at a hole-in-the-wall pizza place where they play live music. We then made our way back down the mountain and up the highway to the Air Force Academy where we enjoyed their fireworks. It was chilly and wet but it was well worth it to see the kids' faces light up.

Family Surprise

On Thursday, June 11th, I came home from my first night at internship to find an envelope on the table that said 'Family Surprise' in Danny's handwriting. I was told I had to wait until the kids got home to open it; they were with their Uncle Ben and Aunt Tina in Woodland Park for the day. As soon as they got home we tore into the envelope (I don't do surprises well!) and this is what we found....

Danny had gotten us tickets to go see the Ringling Bros/Barnum and Bailey Circus! We were so excited! It took some time explaining what the circus was as the kids have never been before. That night a commercial for it came on the TV so that helped the process along! That Sunday we enjoyed lower level seats at the circus. It seemed like we could reach out and touch the animals! The kids laughed and cheered and danced to the music. They each got to pick out a souvenir and we ate slushies in elephant cups that they got to keep. It was such a special memory for our family. Kids faces are priceless! Thanks for a special surprise Danny!