Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baby update

Okay, it's been SO long since I've updated this blog! I am now in my second trimester which is so hard to believe! I can't believe how fast the first one went...but I'm not complaining by any means. I had morning sickness for a solid 4 weeks but it has gone away over the last few weeks, and luckily it never got too bad! My second OB appointment was in April. We got to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. It was neat to see the baby but at that point it didn't look much like a baby. This is the ultra sound picture from that appointment. I had my third OB appointment almost 2 weeks ago. The baby's heartbeat was 164 BPM which is right where it should be. I barely gained any weight my first trimester for which I am extremely thankful! My craving has mostly been fruit - all fast food tastes disgusting to me, and if I eat anything heavy I can only eat a very small portion. I have felt little tiny "pokes" on the inside of my belly over the last week. It just feels like something is flicking the inside of my stomach. I asked my doctor if its possible to feel the baby this early and he said yes, especially considering it's my 3rd pregnancy. My next appointment is June 18th. I'm already looking forward to hearing its little heartbeat again! My belly is really starting to poke out as you can see! I'm finally starting to feel like there's something in there and I don't just have the flu!

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