Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our silly girl...

Brooklynn is our little ham. She is constantly making us smile and laugh. Her trademark is her smile - which never seems to leave her face! I love her personality - she is very rambunctious and active. She has a very strong will and loves trying new things. Sometimes that is difficult to contend with!! On the flip side she is a little mommy. She loves nurturing others and is very gentle. She will often rub your back when she gives you a hug, and at times she will just sit and rub the side of a my face as a mother would do to a baby. Her most recent quote to tell people is, "I'm so proud of you" whenever they do something well. She is an encourager and is growing up to be a compassionate little girl. I am so excited to see her with this baby. She is so excited about it getting here.
As sweet and cute as she is, sometimes looks can be deceiving!! Brooklynn is our "ring-leader" when it comes to getting into things. Brooklynn LOVES making messes and creating things out of stuff that probably shouldn't be played with. I can actually hear her tell Dylan to do the things she isn't able to do. Dylan will say, "Brookie, you're going to get in trouble", and will back away for a while. But usually he ends up joining in. While it is frustrating to clean up their creations, I do love that she enjoys seeing how things work. Here is the latest creation by Dylan and Brooke.

As I entered their room I found her squeezing a thing of powder all in the air as both of them ran under it. Quite a mess to clean up - a job for the steam cleaner! I told them I needed to take a few pictures to show daddy what they did and they actually posed for it. As annoyingly comical as this was, they got punished for making such a huge mess!
I must end by saying that Brooklynn has grown leaps and bounds over the last few months. She was in therapy for a foot deformity and for a sensory-motor disorder. After just a few months of therapy she is thriving. Her feet now face forward and she no longer screams when being handled. She doesn't trip herself when she runs and enjoys running constantly now. She also loves riding her scooter which has helped her feet turn out as well. Now its hard to keep up with her! I'm so happy she's doing so well and even more thankful she doesn't have to go through therapy anymore! God truly does answer prayer!

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Gloria said...

I like the new background. I enjoyed reading the updates on the kids and you guys -- sounds like you have been super busy, but having fun! Congrats on graduating.