Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What is Dylan up to these days?

Okay, now I have to give updates on the kids! I'll start with Dylan! Lately Dylan has become quite the little teacher. He loves explaining how things are done to anyone that will listen. At times it doesn't make that much sense, as he tends to adlib if he doesn't have much to say! He loves teaching Brooklynn how to do stuff and "learn the ropes" of life. He always does it gently and calmly and when asked what he is doing he always replies, "I'm teaching". I love his love for teaching others and hope that remains a part of his life.

He is a student as much as he is a teacher! Dylan asks questions constantly and must get some type of solid answer. He is so curious about everything that goes on. It's almost like you can see his little brain working as he absorbs all of the new information he gets everyday!! Of course when you get lots of questions they are bound to be precious. The other night when we were out he noticed the crescent moon in the sky. At first he asked if it was a star because it was so small. When I replied, no, it's the moon he immediately asked (very concerned!), "Oh, no! Is the moon broken?". We tried to explain how the moon has a different shape and that it will grow and get bigger again. He seemed satisfied with this and went on to explain it in 3-year-old form to his sister! Dylan's favorite thing to learn is music. He loves ALL types of music which Danny and I love because we are both very eclectic. But he comes alive when he hears contemporary praise music and classical music. He loves Fur Elise and hums it regularly. Baby Einstein is HUGE in our home because they play so much classical music. He plays the drums very well. He has a drum pad and sticks and "practices" regularly. His rhythm is excellent for a child his age. We are anxious to get him started in lessons. Here he is singing at the party last weekend! The above picture is him laying on the countertop singing a song to Danny.

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