Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May 2009 Events

May was the busiest month we've had in a long time! I cannot believe everything we crammed into one month. But it was one of the most memorable months to date. The first few weeks were spent preparing for graduation - Ben and I completed a tribute video to my father that we presented to him at our party, my mom, Tina, Brooke and I had an awesome girls night out in which we took Brooke to her first movie, and I completed my final school assignments. My mom got us tickets to go to a Sky Sox game and we had the hot tub for the night! It was such a fun time. It ended up being cold that night but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. Since I'm pregnant I couldn't get in for very long. The doctor said only a few minutes if the temperature was 100 degrees or below. Luckily it was right at 100 so I warmed up for a few minutes! We also got to enjoy the first fireworks show of this baseball season. It was a wonderful family night.

The following weekend was huge! I graduated from Nazarene Bible College...finally! Friday we had a cookout and music at the school followed by a rehearsal for the weekends events. Saturday started early with Convocation - we were given a charge by the school for our ministry ahead. The graduates each take a turn holding a torch as we pledge our lives in service to the Lord. Following Convocation we enjoyed our graduation party. Once again my mom did such an incredible job hosting our party. We had such good food, music, tributes, and wonderful fellowship with 100 of our friends and family. Saturday night we went to an alumni banquet in which we were inducted into the NBC Alumni Association. We finished out the weekend by receiving our diplomas in an amazing ceremony on Sunday afternoon. My dad gave our diplomas to both Ben and I. It was such a special time for all of us! We all went out to eat on Sunday night and crashed! I am so excited to be done but I still have a 10 week internship ahead of me. I am anxious to have that completed so I can move forward to the next phase of my life!
It's been an amazing and crazy few months as you can very well see! We are all still recovering from the fast pace! Hopefully June will slow down! We'll be keeping you posted...

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