Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Looking back - April 2009

Since its been a couple of months since I've posted anything I will take a look back over and post whatever I missed. Easter was a blast for us this year. The kids dyed Easter eggs and put stickers of Jesus as well as some Christian symbols on them. It was neat to have them be more involved this year. We spent Easter Sunday with my side of the family since we weren't sure if it would be our last Easter all together or not. It was a wonderful day of food and fun and a great way to spend our last family get together in my parents house. My parents moved out of their house at the end of April, which was pretty rough on all of us. But God has been so good to them and is restoring the difficult time they have been through. The day after my parents moved Ben and I (and our spouses) attended an all-day senior event that celebrates the end of our time at Nazarene Bible College. We had breakfast and lunch at the Broadmoor, where we also listened to a few of the faculty members speak about our time after graduation and what lies ahead for us. It was followed by a meal and music at the Flyin' W Ranch - a facility run for cowboys here in town. It's a great family place for eating and doing the cowboy thing! We had a blast! April was a busy month...but so fun!

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